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Wake up feeling refreshed with these nightime essentials


Relax and decompress for a greater sense of wellbeing

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  • "I've bought the Serenity Weighted Blanket and I am not disappointed! It is super cosy and comfortable. I use it to meditate and I loved it. I really recommend it."

    Anaïs Benmessaoud - Serenity Weighted Blanket
  • "Can't get enough of my lovely grey plush cover. It's sooooo soft. I use it as the cover on my bed and it looks stylish. Washed it once in the washing mashing and it came out all good."

    Yelena Richy - Serenity Weighted Blanket Cover
  • "My Aventec white noise generator was sent out fast, it allows me to get to sleep quickly by me concentrating on the noise. It also blanks outside night noises, I feel more refreshed in the morning. Will do business again."

    Roger White - AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine


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