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Mustard Seed Oil Cold Pressed (Sinapis alba) - Evolved Flow

Mustard Seed Oil Cold Pressed (Sinapis alba)

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This cold pressed oil is used extensively in Indian Ayurvedic medicine including in traditional Indian head massage for which it is best known. It creates a stimulating effect on the tissue, increases body heat and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Mustard seed oil is believed to improve circulation, complexion and muscular development, ease muscular pain or stiffness and abdominal pain. It is often found in massage oils, creams and muscle rubs. The oil is also known for its antibacterial properties and is high in omega-3 fatty acids while it is often used as a cooking oil in India and its strong aroma is an acquired taste. Avena are wholesale and retail carrier oil suppliers and have a high turnover of oils ensuring great quality and fresh products. We constantly source oils and trade socially aware ingredients from fastidious parts of the world so you can buy with confidence.

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