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Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum indicum) - Evolved Flow

Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum indicum)

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Our sesame seed (Sesamum indicum) is a cold pressed oil. Sesame seed oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years. It is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and an anti inflammatory agent. It penetrates into the skin quickly and enters the bloodstream through the capillaries. Molecules of sesame seed oil maintain good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. In both the small intestine and the colon, some cells are nourished by fat instead of sugar. The presence of sesame seed oil can provide those cells with essential nourishment. In an experiment at the Maharishi International College in Fairfield, Iowa, students rinsed their mouths with sesame oil, resulting in an 85% reduction in the bacteria which causes gingivitis. It has been successfully used in the hair of children to kill lice infestations and used after exposure to wind or sun to calm sunburn. It nourishes and feeds the scalp to control dry scalp dandruff and to kill dandruff causing bacteria. It protects the skin from the effects of chlorine in swimming pool water. Very good for facial application and good for acne controlling eruptions and neutralises the poisons which develop both on the surface and in the pores.

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